Signature Sandwiches

Bavarian ham & Swiss
Ham, Swiss cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and dijon-mayo on pretzel bread

The Maple Lake Beach Sub
Turkey, bacon, cheddar and avocado; plus lettuce, tomato and mayo on French bread

Harvest chicken salad sandwich   
House special made with walnuts & apples; served with lettuce on a croissant

The hot Hegle
Ham & Swiss melted in a French roll with cream cheese and jalapeno berry jam

Classic BLT
with mayo, on whole grain toast

The Veg Out
Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots, red onion and avocado on a sub roll with herbed cream cheese

Salad or Wrap: Your Choice

Chicken Bacon Ranch
with cheddar, lettuce and tomato

Chopped Caprese 
with tomato, mozzerella, basil, and lettuce tossed in vingar & oil  OPTION: Add chicken 

Honey Mustard & Ham
with lettuce, cheddar and tomato

The Red House
turkey, ham, cheddar, red onion, avocado, tomatoes and lettuce with 1000 Island dressing

Soup of the day 
by the bowl or cup

Coffee & Espresso
We offer Skim, Whole, Coconut milk or Almond Milk 

House Favorites
The Way latte    
Caramel & chocolate, topped with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel

The Dove latte    
Raspberry & chocolate; with whipped cream

The Joy latte     
Almond, coconut & chocolate and whipped cream

The Holy Cow latte    
20 oz: 2 kinds of chocolate & 4 espresso shots

The Honey Bee latte     
Cinnamon flavor, honey and vanilla, topped with whipped cream and drizzled with honey

The Nutty Irishman latte   
Irish cream and hazelnut plus whipped cream

The Sweetheart latte     
Peppermint and white chocolate, topped with whipped cream

The Highlander latte    
Butter rum, vanilla and caramel; topped with whipped cream

Other Drinks
  • Chai tea     
  • Chai latte    
  • Hot tea    
  • Cocoa     
  • Steamer    
  • Italian soda     
  • Smoothie     
  • Soft drinks (canned)   
  • Bottled water     
  • Juice     


Classic breakfast sandwich   
egg, sausage & cheddar on a bagel, croissant, pretzel bread or english muffin

The Minnesota melt
egg, Swiss and ham on a toasted pretzel bun with Dijon

My B.A.E.
Bagel, Avocado and Egg with Swiss

Stacked bagel  
Bagel & cream cheese topped with tomato slices, basil and sea salt

Stuffed croissant
Croissant filled with jelly and cream cheese, grilled and topped with powdered sugar

Sweet & sassy
Egg, sausage, cheddar, strawberry jalapeno jam and cream cheese on toasted croissant

Oak Avenue avocado toast
Avocado, cucumber and dill on toasted whole grain bread with cream cheese